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I am Genesis. Residing in the Philippines, South East Asia.

I attended iACADEMY for Multimedia Arts and Design, and am still attending for Animation. I've done work in personal illustrations, advertisements, business logos, promotional posters, informational animations, and 3D modeling for AR.

I want to make work that can resonate with many, but ultimately work that can make a change.


Stellaidoscope's Commission Sheet: Characters

My commission rates have been updated. The rates on this page are outdated and will be changed soon.

Payments and Pricing

Payments will be done via PayPal, Bank Transfers, or Paymaya.
Simple flat backgrounds are included in the commissions.
Complex backgrounds will be priced accordingly.
Extra characters in the same canvas will be an additional 75% of the original commission price.
Multiple characters with non-overlapping features will be charged full price.

I work on a first pay, first serve basis. Waitlisting is welcome.

Commission Format and Guidelines

To place a commission order, you may send me a message on my Twitter @stellaidoscope, or an email at [email protected]

Kindly have reference images ready if possible, as well as a budget range for non-standard commissions. I will provide my terms of service tailored to your commission. Commercial work will have different rates.

Turnover time can range from a few days to a few weeks. This will be affected by the client's responsiveness to draft approvals and clarifications.

I reserve the right to decline commissions I deem morally wrong or illegal.


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